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Google has released a few of the findings from its Zeitgeist report which indicate a few of the most popular search terms globally over the FIFA World Cup period.

The term ‘Vuvuzela’ has become a popular one during the World Cup. Google revealed that the United Kingdom has been the number one country searching for places to buy the vuvuzela, despite their journalists’ fervent dislike for the traditionally South African horn, followed by the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile, Uruguayans have been the most interested in Zakumi, with the majority of searches taking place just before Bafana Bafana’s 3-0 clash against Uruguay. Peru, Argentina and Venezuela have also taken quite a liking to the mascot on Google during the tournament.

When French coach, Raymond Domenech, snubbed a handshake from South African coach, Carlos Alberto Parreira, searches combining their names increased; particularly in France.

Luis Suarez’s infamous handball against Ghana during the quarter finals also sparked a series of searches, with the United States being the most eager to research the controversial play that inevitably dashed Africa’s hopes in the tournament.

Interestingly, Bangladesh leads the pack in trying to find out more about ‘Waka Waka’, with Paraguay and Mauritius coming in second and third respectively. K'naan’s ‘Wavin’ Flag’, although slightly less popular, appears to have resonated with citizens in Hungry, Argentina and India.



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