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Intel has revealed that the next-generation in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems for some of Nissan production vehicles, will be powered by the latest generation Intel Atom processors as of 2013.

This IVI system boasts a twin-display, which enable the driver to see vital traffic information and receive satellite navigation directions while simultaneously delivering entertainment, the likes of movies to passengers.

The system was unveiled last week at the New York International Auto Show via the Infiniti LE, a luxury zero-emissions concept vehicle. Infiniti is the luxury vehicle brand of Nissan in the US.

Latest announcement part of longstanding relationship between the two firms

According to Intel, Nissan’s adoption of its Atom CPU builds upon a longstanding relationship between the two companies. This collaboration includes joint research via Intel Labs to explore new ways of customising applications as well as improving mobile device connectivity within cars.

This joint research focused on several key areas, such as mobile device-to-vehicle fusion; cloud-based services for cars; vehicle video surveillance via smartphones, as well as vehicle access and control utilising a smartphone.

Some of the practical applications includes using in-car connectivity, cameras and sensors that were already present in the car, to notify the driver via smartphone if someone tries to break into the vehicle.

Additionally, using near-field communication (NFC) technology or a barcode to securely pair a smartphone with a car, the mobile device can be utilised as a virtual key that provides the driver and other occupants with remote keyless entry to the vehicle.

“Technology and vehicles are integral components of everyday life and by combining the two, we can we achieve a truly connected, mobile lifestyle,” said Ton Steenman, vice president of Intel’s Intelligent Systems Group.

“The processing power of the Intel Atom processor enables Nissan to deliver information and entertainment to drivers and passengers simultaneously in a safe manner and opens the door to more enjoyable driving experiences.”

In related news, Nvidia announced at the beginning that Audi had selected its Tegra 3 mobile processor to power the German car maker’s IVI systems, as well as its new digital instrument clusters that is replacing traditional dashboard gauges, across its full line of vehicles worldwide starting in 2013.


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