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With High Definition and LED technology quickly becoming old hat, the next technological leap in the realm of home entertainment is coming in the form of 3D and Smart TVs. At an event held earlier today in Monte Casino, Johannesburg, LG showcased just this, unveiling its new Cinema 3D TV range.

The new TVs boasts a number of technologies which LG claims will change the landscape of 3D television. Among these are LG's FPR (film-type patterned retarder) technology, a polarized film applied directly to the TV screen which optimises the delivery of 3D imagery for both eyes.

This allows users to view 3D content for extended time periods without the usual complaints of nausea or headaches popping up. The passive technology is much less stressful to a viewer's eyes, and also allows a much lighter (only 16 grams), cheaper and simpler pair of 3D glasses to be worn when watching.

The glasses, unlike other manufacturers' Shutter type glasses don't require any kind of power or batteries, so they can never run flat while you're watching or gaming. They also don't generate any flickering when viewing, helping to provide a 3D image which is up to two times brighter than conventional 3D displays.

You can also enjoy vibrant 3D content from any viewing angle you please with LG's Cinema 3D TVs as the glasses does not require a viewer to be directly facing the TV. So whether you'd like to slouch, sit, lie down or stand on your head, the 3D image will be retained. We briefly tested these viewing angle claims in store, and we were able to view 3D images from an almost 180 degree angle.

The resulting 3D pictures is also certified as “flicker free” by top European certification agencies, becoming the world's first 3D TV to receive this designation.

To top it all of, the Cinema 3D TVs aren't merely that, they also double as advanced Smart TVs, allowing users to browse the web from the comfort of their living room sofa. LG's Smart TV offering features a simple and attractive Home Dashboard which neatly arranges your shortcuts, apps and content, making it a simple affair to access anything from Facebook to your HD movie collection.

LG's Magic Motion remote control is also bundled with the offering, functioning much like a mouse cursor on a PC. Users simply point the remote at their TV, moving the cursor around to select whatever they like. Keyword entry is done via an onscreen virtual keyboard.

“LG’s Cinema 3D TV, takes the consumers viewing experience to the next level. Having internet capabilities and applications like that on a cellphone. LG’s Cinema 3D TV offers next generation true 3D entertainment, which genuinely delivers a more realistic and comfortable 3D viewing experience,” said Mr. JM Lee, CEO for LG South Africa.

The new LG CINEMA 3D TVs is available in a wide range of different models. The premium LW6510 models sports the best in 3D and Smart TV features, and comes in 55”, 47” and 42” configurations with pricing ranging from R39 999 to R18 999.

The LW5700 models, available in 47” and 42” guises range from R18 999 to R15 999 and if you want a purely 3D experience (without Smart TV features), you can pick up one of the LW4500 models, with a 47” and 42” available for R15 999 and R12 999 respectively. 


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