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LG Electronics will unveil its new line of Internet connected SMART TV’s at this year’s IFA, a consumer electronics expo in Berlin. These TV’s will be able to connect to the Internet and execute a range of applications, blurring the lines between TV’s and computers that little bit more.

Helping users navigate their new ‘smart’ TV’s will be LG’s Home Dashboard. This feature will allow viewers to access applications and to view online content. The Home Dashboard is said to allow users to access their favourite content without having to use numerous screens.

Another interesting addition is LG’s Magic Motion Remote Control, a device similar to the motion controllers found on the Nintendo Wii. LG says this controller will allow users to select their preferred content via motion control, adding to the user-friendly feel of this home entertainment system.

The Magic Motion Remote will be able to interact with various applications as well. According to LG users can switch from colouring in the pages of a colouring book to learning about simulated first aid situations and picking up exercise tips through a yoga application.

Besides accessing online video and images users will also be to upload their own content and sync their SMART TV’s with their smartphones so their favourite programs can be delivered to wirelessly while on-the-go.

"With the introduction of our advanced SMART TV, LG is able to offer a ‘Total Home Entertainment Solution' enabling consumers to enjoy practically any digital content on any smart device," said Simon Kang, president and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. "For consumers who want full control over how and where they get their entertainment with maximum ease and comfort, the LG SMART TV solution may be all they need.”

The LG SMART TV is set to launch in early 2011, no specific details regarding local release are available yet.


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