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With a number of price hikes eating away at SA consumers' pockets, it’s good to see that the recent IP Connect (IPC) cost cut has left SA internet users much better off when it comes to broadband. A number of local internet service providers recently cut their connectivity costs, with MWEB now also throwing their hat in the ring. MWEB has dropped its 1 Mbps uncapped data-only pricing to R199 per month, and will offer a free upgrade to all data only uncapped 384 Kbps customers. 

MWEB believes that the move makes its 1 Mbps uncapped data package the most cost effective uncapped, unthrottled ADSL offering in South Africa. This is in-line with MWEB’s aim to make 1 Mbps Uncapped ADSL the new entry level uncapped product in South Africa. 
MWEB’s existing 1 Mbps uncapped customers will be given a R100 reduction on their monthly bills, which amounts to a saving of over 33%. 384 Kbps customers, who upgrade their ADSL lines to cater for 1 Mbps speeds, will be paying R20 less per month for their data.
For business users, MWEB’s uncapped and unshaped 1 Mbps offering drops from R986 per month, to R799.  
Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWEB, says the company has made the call to use the 30% cut in Telkom’s IPC pricing in two ways. The ISP will use part of the savings to continue enhancing its Tier 1 network, thereby benefiting all MWEB ADSL customers. The balance is being used to make 1 Mbps uncapped ADSL the “best internet deal in South Africa” by dropping the price on that product to just R199 per month. 
“Since pioneering the launch of uncapped ADSL in South Africa two years ago, MWEB has continuously punted an uncapped connection as being key to experiencing the best the Internet has to offer. With increased demand for rich media content, faster speeds have become vital to really enjoying the internet. We would like to see 1 Mbps uncapped packages become the new entry level product for local internet users. 
“In the interests of growing fixed-line broadband in SA we look forward to a formal announcement from Telkom to say they’re upgrading all 384 Kbps lines to 1 Mbps at no extra cost to the end-user,” says Hershaw. 
The new pricing will be available immediately to all new customers, while existing MWEB subscribers will be automatically upgraded from 1 June 2012.


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