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Microsoft yesterday announced three new webcams that all sport 720p HD sensors as well as TrueColor Technology to make the most of your video recordings and web chatting sessions.
According to Redmond, TrueColor Technology will automatically adjust the webcam’s picture quality in order to allow for more colourful video in all manner of lighting conditions.
The LifeCam HD-5000 is an HD webcam offering 720p high-definition widescreen video and auto focus. Like the Logitech 1.3-MP Webcam C300, it also sports a flexible attachment base that bends, so that it can record either from a PC screen or a desk. Microsoft’s LifeCam HD-5001 is the same as the HD-5000, but adds a custom design featuring a white faceplate. It's exclusively available from online retailer Best Buy.
Developed especially for use with notebooks, the LifeCam HD-6000 not only feature the 720p HD widescreen video and auto focus, but it's also rotatable, allowing you enable you to point the webcam in any direction.
“Color quality and brightness are critical aspects of video calls. Through our research we know that a large number of video calls are held in either low light conditions or uneven lighting, and these are challenging situations for any webcam and represent a common pain point for webcam users,” said Daniel Anguiano, product marketing manager for Microsoft Hardware. “Our engineers at Microsoft Hardware created TrueColor Technology to improve the video experience, combining software and firmware to help people look bright and natural in virtually any lighting situation.”


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