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While the highly anticipated launch of the new iPad has come and gone (at least for many markets overseas) and the lines have dissipated, the discussions around Apple’s latest tablet is far from over.
Reviews are already beginning to pour in and potential problems are likewise starting to be revealed.
Mostly, the iPad 3 has garnered critical acclaim, receiving glowing reviews particularly for its high resolution Retina display screen. One highly respected technology journalist, Walt Mossberg, pointed out the new iPad “has the most spectacular display I have ever seen in a mobile device” and that using the new display is “like getting a new eyeglasses prescription — you suddenly realize what you thought looked sharp before wasn’t nearly as sharp as it could be."
Others have asserted that the new iPad’s screen, with its 3.1 million pixels, outclasses not only other mobile devices, but also outpaces HD TVs as well, adding that it ‘spoils’ looking at any other screen afterwards.
Space at a premium
However the high resolution display does come with a caveat, namely that apps receiving an update to take advantage of the display will likely be double their size, and therefore, consume twice as much space as when created for the iPad 1 and 2.
This means that a 16 GB iPad may fill up a great deal faster than it previously did when apps were created for the iPad 1 or iPad 2. This is certainly a factor worth considering, especially for those local users considering taking advantage of the new price offering on the iPad 2. For serial app downloaders, this may mean the 64 GB version may well be the best and most future proof choice moving forward.
Based on our usage, which includes productivity, entertainment, news and gaming apps, it has been quite easy to fill 30 GB worth of space on the iPad 2 with the apps sized for that tablet’s resolution.
While the debate rages on whether the iPad offers enough to justify iPad 2 owner’s upgrading, the consensus appears to be that iPad 1 owners definitely should consider it.
Too hot to handle?
However, some cracks in an otherwise stellar reception of the new device have begun showing. According to CNET and Engadget, the tablet’s larger battery (used to power its screen and still provide 10 hours battery life) may be presenting heat problems.   
Some users on Apple’s forums are indicating that the lower left hand corner of the device in portrait mode becomes overly hot, from becoming uncomfortable to hold to in its most extreme case, shutting down when used in sunlight.
However, as with the previous problems with the iPhone 4S when it was launched, suggestions to resolve the problem are abundant. These including allowing the iPad to reach 0% battery life before recharging, and being connected to iCloud for long periods seems to be playing a role for those few who are encountering the heat problem.    
To the point
However, even this issue likely will not taint or deter buyers from the year’s biggest launch to date.
According to a survey conducted by, 78% of first time tablet owners indicated that their first tablet will be the new iPad (or iPad 3), while  amongst current iPad users, 55% of current iPad users surveyed indicated they would upgrade this year.  

In short, even if teething problems continue to emerge, the new iPad while likely find its way to many ‘must have’ lists this year, if not being relegated to this year end's most desired gift or earmarking its portion of many people’s bonuses. 


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