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It seems like tabbed browsing is evolving once again with Opera Software’s introduction of tab stacking in the latest beta version of their Opera 11 beta web browser. 

Instead of the traditional side-by-side configuration on the web browser, tab stacking allows users to group open tabs by stacking them on top of each other. This reduces clutter and makes it easier to identify and work with sets of open tabs. Stacking can be done by simply dragging the open tabs on top of each other to stack, while highlighting the tab with the mouse will show all the tabs in the specific group.
"Because so many of us wrestle with tens or even hundreds of open tabs, we needed a way to simplify tab management. Just like stacking papers for future reference, stacking your tabs is an intuitive way to organize and collect your open Web pages," said Jan Standal, vice president of Desktop Products at Opera.
The new Beta version of Opera 11 also offers other functionality, including: 
  • Opera 11 extensions, enabling users to download add-ons to Opera, providing new functionality to the browser. Around 10-20 extensions are added to the list every day.
  • Mouse gestures to allow for an easy way to control Opera, with a visual guide to make it easier for users to discover and use the feature.
  • Safer address fields, faster installation, enhanced HTML5 support and overall better general performance.
Opera 11 Beta is available for download on


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