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Plenty has already been written about Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and for fans of the series, chances are no review is necessary to compel fans to dip into the latest entry, if they haven’t already. Here is our quick take on a superb title. 
As one of the most anticipated games of the year, Black Ops 2 has sky high expectations to live up to. The good news is that it does just that.
Black Ops 2 is intriguing in that, rather than offering one protagonist, Black Ops 2 offers two – Alex Mason, from the first title, and his son, David. Innovatively enough, the game’s story accomplishes this by spanning two time periods, that of the Cold War era, where players experience Mason’s missions, and the game’s present day of 2025.
In the future, borrowing someone else's Parrot AR Drone without their permission is a very serious offense, and not taken at all lightly. 
Of villains and victors
While Mason’s journey begins with rescuing a prisoner of war, David’s exploits revolve around pursuing a terrorist threat amid an erupting, second Cold War between the US and China. The hook is that father and son are linked through a common enemy, Raul Menendez, whose motivations for his enmity towards the West are based in a tragic loss that he suffered as a child.
The missions that form the core of the campaign swing between two eras, and thus enable players to use conventional weapons, as well as get to play with some more futuristic ‘toys.’ As always graphics are top notch, and the accompanying sound appropriately ramps up the tension and adrenaline-fueled sections.
Die another day
However, the campaign’s real strength is its pacing. Brutal fire-fights are punctuated with periods of daring escapades, vehicular sequences and the occasional bout of stealth. What further makes the game so gripping is the fast paced variety of locales.
One moment you will be sneaking your way through tall grass and in the next trying desperately to fight off enemies amid driving rain in the jungle.
In addition to the campaign, also on offer is a robust and exciting multiplayer. Making multiplayer imminently accessible is Combat Training, which caters to those new to the Call of Duty: Black Ops series, and League Play, where players are matched according to their skill level. Additionally, the co-op friendly and deliciously dark Zombies mode further extends the game’s longevity and appeal.
In 2025, ordering from the local fast food joint requires both a strong constitution, and heavy artillery.
Our top three reasons to pick it up:
•             High octane action and thrilling escapades that frequently leave you on the edge of your seat
•             A diverse mix of combat situations, with weapons which feel weighty and satisfying to use
•             Deep and compelling multiplayer
To the point
For FPS fans, Black Ops 2 really should not be overlooked; it’s a great deal of fun, a compelling play and has an enormous amount on offer for the R700 asking price. If you are sitting on the fence, our advice would be to give it a shot.


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