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Wi-Fi technology company and provider of advanced mobile internet products, Ruckus Wireless, has launched its presence in the market with the opening of its regional offices in Johannesburg. The company designs, manufactures and markets unique Smart Wi-Fi systems for broadband operators and enterprises based on patented technology that extends signal range. Its technology further adapts to changes in a wireless environment to provide more reliable connectivity and consistent performance.

The why of Wi-Fi

The company believes that while Wi-Fi is the preferred method for data distribution within the home, conventional Wi-Fi technology for the enterprise has typically been unable to provide the reliable and quality transmission necessary to support concurrent  traffic. However, the company hopes to change that. The technology it plans to introduce to the market uses a smart antenna scheme along with sophisticated traffic inspection, Quality of Service (QoS) and reliable multicast software to send and receive wireless signals, ensuring the highest quality wireless transmissions for voice and data.

Nonetheless, its technology does not appear to neglect home users either. The company explained that this would enable users to overcome environmental challenges such as interference from surrounding wireless devices and networks, or bandwidth contention from concurrent applications such as email downloads and web surfing, to receive uninterrupted transmission of delay-sensitive media traffic in all quarters of the home. This is in addition to the traditional advantages of Wi-Fi networks, of being able to place phones, computers and audio/visual equipment anywhere within the home without network cabling, and the resulting elimination of cables and the associated wiring costs.

Fortuitous Beginnings

“The opening of our office and really our official launch into the South African market will be a pivotal milestone for the Ruckus Wireless brand as it will help fuel further awareness of our internationally acknowledged products and services,” said James Calderbank, director of enterprise sales for Ruckus Wireless EMEA. He explained that it would further enable the company to expand on its strategy to establish itself across the emerging African region.

Show of confidence

The company asserted that its system was “the only one that is able to deliver all the value of extended Wi-Fi range, increased capacity and reliable video quality using any standard Wi-Fi chipset”.  Michael Fletcher, the sales director for Ruckus Wireless, Sub-Saharan Africa added smartphone users were already experiencing the pain of over-tapped networks. “Until now, Wi-Fi has been used primarily as a technology of convenience and not a key part of the cellular infrastructure. We’re changing all that with new Wi-Fi technology that gives local mobile operators the carrier-class reliability that has long eluded them,” he enthused.

Calderbank affirmed that the company had been listening to its customers and partners and that the next logical step for it was to open a direct presence in South Africa. “I am certain that we are positioned to do great things for the local market in the years ahead,” he concluded.
Photo: Michael Fletcher, Sales Director for Ruckus Wireless, Sub-Saharan Africa.



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