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Many organisations across SA have introduced modern access control technologies to cut the losses caused by economic crime in the workplace. For example, within access-, attendance- and payroll solutions, the use of fingerprint-based identity control is now commonplace in environments ranging from mines and factories to warehouses and ports.

Ideco Biometric Security Solutions MD, Marius Coetzee, champions Identity Control as a practical business discipline that can deliver immediate returns in terms of risk reduction and loss prevention. Many of us are familiar with fingerprint applications in the workplace and we have seen their widespread use as a replacement for traditional access cards and PINs within access systems as well as in time and attendance solutions.

Coetzee says that we should now perhaps be looking at fingerprint applications beyond the proven successes within these two specific areas of workplace security. He says: "Identity is at the heart of almost everything we do in the workplace and is an integral part of so many business processes."

Developing a security culture based on Identity Control

From the point where a person is considered for employment, through to when then they leave a company, Coetzee suggests that they should be included within a programme of Identity Control. "The first step is to confirm their identity and carry out some background screening," he states. Further identity-based controls should then be applied to govern who can do what, when and where.

Coetzee points out that the effectiveness of such policies is entirely dependent upon being able to identify the employee accurately and consistently and to create an irrefutable identity trail of such activities. And this is where fingerprint-based identification makes an enormous contribution to the whole process of Identity Control. "Traditionally, organisations have relied on access cards, PINS and passwords to identify their employees," says Coetzee, "but this creates a fundamental weakness in the process because anyone can use your card or your password."

Identity Control in IT

One area where increased Identity Control is obviously critical is within corporate IT systems - which are almost universally protected with nothing more than a password, PIN or card.

Since these credentials are constantly exploited to enable illicit access and activity - from making fraudulent payments to stealing sensitive data - Coetzee believes it would make sound commercial sense to remove this glaring loophole in workplace security by replacing traditional IT access credentials with fingerprint-based Identity Control.

For more information on any of Ideco's Biometric Security Solutions, contact them on 0861-0-IDECO (43326).


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