By Thomas McKinnon 3 September 2008


Characters with insatiable egos and immense clout, FaceBreaker offers arcade-style gaming in your living room. From suave pelvic thrusting Romeo to Molotov the dirty Russian and the superstitious Voodoo, the game’s characters are certainly colourful. Don’t let all this showmanship fool you though; the game’s entire reason for being is pummelling someone else’s face.

Track your in-fight progress through your FaceBreaker meter and witness real-time facial deformation. You can even upload your own face through FaceBreaker’s Photo Game Face. In-game graphics will smack your eyes out their sockets and gameplay will absorb you for hours. Once you get into the game you’ll realise that there is some depth to each of the characters. The larger than life boxers each have their own idiosyncrasies and distinct styles. Behind the standard two attack buttons there lurks an array of special attacks and sidesteps.

Just to up the game’s impudence quotient you can even tie one hand behind your back to taunt your ­opponents and affirm your skills. We haven’t been this excited by an action sports title in long while. So run along now, enter the competition below and break some...

The graphics are great and the boxer customisation tools are easy to use
There are too few game modes and it becomes a bit of a button masher.

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