By Brigitte 6 October 2009


The Beatles: Rock Band is amazingly enough, only the second band themed Rock Band that has been created (AC/DC was the first in 2008), but it definitely makes the cut for one of the best rhythm band games thus far.

To rock out with guitars and drums to the songs John, George, Ringo and Paul made famous, while tracking their career through the fantastic story mode is fabulous. Not only is the game completely engaging, but the artistry of the cut scenes is completely relevant and complimentary of the game.

Even though the Fab Four recorded their final album 40 years ago, you’ll know all the words, rhythms and beats as if somehow you’ve managed to absorb your parents’ musical knowledge through osmosis. It's actually pretty awesome. Basically you can follow the band’s historical rise to fame through the story mode which, in a nutshell is the Career mode of the first Rock Band franchises. I'm not going to lie to you, certain parts of the game are kind of trippy, I mean, we all know they went through "that" psychedelic phase, right?

The first thing that I noticed about The Beatles: Rock Band that sets it apart from the other Rock Bands, was that for the first time ever, three vocalists can sing together. I suspect this is an attempt to direct the awful strangling-a-cat type singing to a well sung song in tune and with harmony.

The Beatles: Rock Band is available on Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii, and players can hit either drums, lead guitar, bass guitar or vocals. The game comprises 45 of the The Beatles' most popular songs, but extra songs can be downloaded as DLC.

It’s a must for any rhythm game collector / player. It promises hours of fun and then actually delivers! Especially when you play I am the Walrus.

The vocal harmonies are great. The integration of the music with visuals is stunning.
Not all The Beatles music is included, so purchasing more content will become necessary.

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