By Brigitte 3 June 2009


I saw a preview for Super Paper Mario on YouTube about two years ago and I could not wait for the SA release. No-one could tell me exactly when it was coming, and I had all but given up hope until it unexpectedly landed in my lap.

When I got home and popped it in my alarmingly neglected Wii it was just as good as I had hoped. The plot and storyline are quite complicated with kidnappings and forced marriages, sorcery, the Dark Prognosticus and the possible annihilation of the entire universe. Jeez, the pressure. Thankfully you are assigned a handy helper- a Pixl called Tippi, who you can ask questions about objects and items at any time.

The basic storyline has Mario collecting eight pure hearts, and in doing this needs to overcome those red plants that pop out of the pipes, Count Bleck\'s (the baddy) minions, and Goombas. Thankfully though, he can flip between the regular, old school 2D and the new and awesome 3D, to overcome seemingly un-crossable paths and inaccessible areas. Until you\'ve tried it and flipped between dimensions, I don\'t think you can understand the awesomeness of being able to do so, even if it\'s only on limited HP. There are little things hidden behind stuff that you can\'t see in 2D, so every now and then you have to flip even if you don\'t need to.

I say, if you loved the original Mario Brothers games, any of them, then you should really pick this one up for the Wii. Although I didn\'t do it, I imagine you can play through it in one or two days. Even if you haven\'t played Mario games before and begin with this one, it would be an awesome start. Play it!

Gameplay is good fun and the storyline is engaging.
The audio could have been better and the camera move awkwardly between dimensions.

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