By Hanleigh Daniels 3 May 2010


External hard-drives are a must-have item on every PC owners list. It offers you the convenience of having a safe place to backup all your important data, as well as giving you the freedom to exchange and swap out some of your music and movies with your mates. For most users having a stylish offering like the Verbatim InSight 500 GB portable hard drive or the speed of Verbatim’s portable hard drive eSATA and USB Combo is more than adequate. But for those who require more space for their ever expanding movie-, TV series-, music- as well as photo collection, there’s the 1.5 TB Seagate FreeAgent Desk External Drive.
Seagate stuck with their tried-and-trusted design, offering a very spacious 1.5 TB (or 1 500 GB) of storage space inside with a data transfer speed of up to 480 Mb/s. Even though it sports a great deal more space to store all your data on, its dimensions (33.70 x 172.00 x 175.00 mm) mean it’s not that much bigger than the other offerings we’ve tested recently. It does weigh (1 kg) a lot more though seeing that the InSight (500 GB) weighs a mere 165g, whilst the eSATA and USB combo drive (500 GB) weighs only 205g. The FreeAgent HDD comes with a base stand allowing you to prop it up vertically to save some space, or you can just simply let it lie flat on your desk or PC case. You would need an external power source to power the device. Pre-installed on the Seagate is Seagate’s Manager software, enabling you to backup and sync your data with your PC.  
The Seagate FreeAgent Desk External Drive comes with a five year limited warranty and you can get it for R1 490 at Computer Corporation (08616-08616).

Lots of space to store and backup all your info on.
You have to find a free two-point power plug for it, an eSATA port would have been well-suited for such a spacious device.

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