By Thomas McKinnon 13 April 2009


Wireless gaming is a bit of an unmentionable. Most gaming paraphernalia comes wired because that’s generally what gamers want – apparently.

Wireless connections suffer latency, wireless keyboards are afflicted by short battery lives and a wireless mouse just doesn’t offer as good response times; or so the thinking goes.

So why has Microsoft gone against the grain with the SideWinder X8? What makes it so special? Well for starters the X8 offers some 30 hours of battery life for wireless gaming.

The great bit about it is that you don’t have to replace the batteries afterwards. The mouse comes with a play-and-charge cable which is dead simple to connect up. The cable is retractable, like those extendable dog leaches, so when it’s not in use it isn’t loitering in valuable desk space. 

On the performance side the X8 features BlueTrack technology which means it can be used on just about any surface – making it the ideal mobile gaming mouse. It utilises a 2.4GHz connection and can support resolutions up to 4000dpi –which makes it hyper sensitive. Seven programmable buttons also add greatly to its appeal.

The best bit about the mouse is that it feels and looks good; a little more inline with the first Sidewinder mouse than the plastic-like X5.

7 programmable buttons, BlueTrack Technology, adjustable dpi settings and wireless technology.
It doesn���t offer the option to adjust its weight like the original Sidewinder Mouse.

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