By Hanleigh Daniels 25 February 2010


For people with an anorexic netbook or Macbook Air that doesn’t come fitted with a DVD drive, Samsung’s Super WriteMaster Slim External DVD writer proves a cool solution.
Cloaked in a stylish finish this external dual-layer DVD writer is not only compact, measuring 157 x 141 x 19 mm, but also weighs only 400 g. As hoped for, the WriteMaster doesn’t need its own external power source, since it’s powered by USB. Its USB cable is of a nice comfortable length so you won’t have to bother with getting a USB extension cable.
You can write CDs at a 24x speed (3.6 MB per second) and DVDs at 8x speed (10.8 MB/s). Its 2 MB buffer memory will go a long way to preventing buffer under run errors.
It comes with Nero 8 Essentials which is really straightforward to use, as well as Nero BackItUp 3, amongst other software. BackItUp 3 allows you to create backups for your system and to restore backups after you format and re-install Windows on your system. The Samsung Super WriteMaster Slim External DVD writer is available from Computer Corporation (08616-08616) for R599.

It won't look out of place next to a Macbook Air.
Plastic exterior isn't the sturdiest.

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