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Times are tough and not all of us are destined for a bit of seaside leisure. But there’s always the internet. Enjoy our special vacation Web Time Wasters – the ­Stay at Home Edition.


YouYube has a beautiful sibling – Vimeo. If you like cool clips and short movies that have more ­content than regular YouTube posts, then this is your site. Arty videos and creative filming techniques are on display from and for film lovers.


You’re planning a holiday in ­Europe but your cash is limited. The ticket alone will cost a fortune and cheap accommodation is rare. Why not try CouchSurfing? It’s a network of people from all around the world who offer free ­accommodation in their own home. On you can find accommodation, contact hosts or become one ­yourself.

Block Posters

Many of us have awesome holiday pics that would look great as a poster at home. helps you ­create your own big poster for free. Once you’ve ­uploaded a pic on the site, you can choose a poster size and the program will cut your pic into A4 sized pieces which you download as a PDF file and then print out and frame together.


OMGPOP contains a variety of flash games that you can play by yourself, against others or invite friends to play with you. It features extremely addictive games such as Hit Machine, Letterblox and Balloono which have been played more than 91 million times and wasted more than 2.5 million hours.


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