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If you consider yourself a traveller, explorer or adventurer at heart, this site hosts a gentle, quick quiz that offers some insight into what travelling experience may best suit your particular style.
The quiz spans 22 multiple choice questions, which takes a brief five minutes to complete, and then results in your ‘type’. Travel types include cultural explorer, authentic experience, free spirit, no hassle traveller and virtual traveller, amongst others.
For each type, it delineates travel values (such as comfort, luxury, immersing yourself in local cultural, experiencing natural beauty) and what attractions may offer the most appeal.
Radiolab is one of those internet gems which offers topics that are both thought-provoking, and unusual. The site, which bills itself as a show about curiosity, has a description that is no less alluring than the content found here, positioning itself “where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience”.
Visitors can elect to listen to podcasts, watch videos, or read written entries on topics such as the awe-inspiring power of nature, how to grow their brain, cities dissected, and the benefits of taking a break. 
Like many of us at TechSmart, you may well have more than a passing interest in photography. With that in mind, the website of the well established magazine, Popular Photography, hosts an exhaustive array of photographic related content.
Articles on the latest cameras, how-to guides for some common photographic challenges, and photo galleries from which to draw photographic inspiration can all be found here.
A buying guide for interchangeable lens cameras, compact cameras, and the all important lenses and unboxing videos of photographic products, also make an appearance. 
What a delicious gourmet meal is to the body, thought provoking philosophy can be for the mind. With this ‘in mind’ Philosophy Bites offers quite a mental spread, courtesy of some of the leading philosophers, who expound on a variety of topics.
Some of these include morality, free will, backward causation (where effects precede their cause) and decision making with regards to life and death situations. Podcast discussions of the above – and more – can be freely downloaded from the site, and the site further directs deep thinkers books from each of the philosophers, which can be bought online.  
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