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Calorie King (no relation to Stephen King) is a treasure trove of information for those looking to lose weight or just better manage their nutrition.
The site offers detailed calorie and nutrient breakdown on a variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables, and translates the calorie cost of each food into how much exercise is required to burn the same amount of calories.
You can also specify serving sizes and see the overall calorie content by quantity. Additionally, extensive FAQs provide answers about popular diets and a myriad of health concerns.
Who said taking a hike had to be a lonely pursuit? Not Map My Hike, which enables hikers to keep track of and share their hike routes, plan their workouts and nutritional goals, find friends interested in hiking and share their stories and photos with others.
Additionally, members and visitors can view contributions ranging from playlist suggestions to healthy recipes, and read other member’s stories related to hiking and working out. Map My Hike also has sister sites, including Map my Walk for walkers, Map my Ride for cyclists and Map my Run for – you guessed it – runners. 
Gogobot effectively turns anyone into a travel writer, enabling people to pen their own reviews of hotels and restaurants as well as read those of others.
However, what makes it compelling and interesting is the recommendations and advice you can find for places you intend visiting, which makes it more of an online travel guide written by anyone. Imminently useful for those on their way to the locations discussed, it’s no less interesting for armchair travellers or those dreaming of their next great travel adventure. 
 The best (and weirdest) YouTube can offer:
Best of the rest:
450 free movies online (and no it’s not torrents)


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