By Mike Joubert 6 June 2010


Most video media players that hook up to a TV  require you to also buy a 2.5” hard disk alongside it. Iomega’s sleek ScreenPlay TV Link Director edition works a bit differently, offering a much sleeker solution if you already own a portable hard drive.
It only provides the platform through which to connect to your TV (via HDMI or otherwise). You can then hook it up to any portable hard disk or USB drive to play movies, music and pictures from. 
The interface is smooth and slick, plus it handled most file formats we threw at it. The Screenplay can deal with full 1080p high-definition multimedia, with an ethernet connection also present to view movies stored on a home network.
What struck us about Iomega’s product is its ease of use. You connect it to your TV and a power source, plug in your hard disk, configure your language and screen size and that's it. No mess, no fuss indeed. Iomega is generous in providing three USB ports, so more than one USB drive or hard disk can be connected simultaneously. Throw in a handy remote, plus both a composite AV and a HDMI cable and you have yourself a complete video playing package.  
Get it for R1499. Visit for more info. 
Easy set-up, fast enough interface, HDMI cable included
A bit costly.

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