By Andrew Gould 7 January 2009


Logitech promotes this speaker as something you want in order to grant you the sound you crave so badly, after having listened to the pathetic winces from your notebook speakers. But the Z-500 (where do they get these names?) is more than that. It would work very well as a speaker for any of your sound-playing devices.

The sound from the device is more than fair, although actually a bit on the bassy side, one may have expected too much treble from small speakers, but there you have it. But the real advantage of this speaker is the connectivity. You can connect your MP4 player/ notebook in a number of ways: via Bluetooth, WiFi or using the supplied mini-jack cable.

The Z-500 is completely cordless and one battery charge will last you up to 12 hours; seriously, we had it running for that long. RRP: R2199 (incl VAT). Enquire at Computer ­Corporation on 08616-08616 from January 2009.

The Z-500 is completely cordless and one battery charge will last you up to 12 hours.
The sound is a bit on the bassy side.

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