By Andrew Gould 7 January 2009


We hope you didn’t get an older version iPod Nano for Christmas, because, if you did you’re really going to kick yourself (unless you’re just not that passionate about the subject). There’s a new one out and Apple is asking you to shake it.

That’s right, always trying to stay ahead of the game, Apple has included a melange of new features to tempt you away from the iPod you currently hold so dear. The “Genius” option finds similar songs and groups them into playlists for you. This is a novel feature, but not entirely “Genius” if you ask us.

Another thing that some at the TechSmart office have called “lame” is the shake and shuffle feature. If you shake it, it shuffles songs. Not overly “WOW” to be honest.

The one thing Apple has got right is the accelerometer built into the new iPod; so when you tilt it sideways the screen goes to landscape. This is very good if you want to watch movies on it; and you can as it has 8GB of storage (the screen is a bit small, but if you don’t mind going blind after a few years of staring at it, then it’s just fine). RRP: From R1899 (incl VAT).

A built-in accelerometer and a new shuffle songs feature are great additions.
You will need to upgrade to iTunes 8 to use it and sound quality could have been better.

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