By Mike Joubert 23 October 2020


FULL DISCLOSURE. Garment was received from Under Armour for review and was not returned.

While current daytime temperatures hardly call for a jacket or top, sometimes one is required just to take the edge off. An early morning start to a race or a late-night workout session at the gym, for example, is often better if you have something lightweight to keep the cold at bay. Under Armour’s Stretch Woven Full Zip Jacket is an easy to wear jacket that fits into a tog bag, taking up minimal space and weight. Having worn it during a particular cold and wet patch at the coast, there are a couple of things that tick the right boxes.

Firstly, Under Armour allowed for a comfortable, loose fit, and while certain styles might dictate a tight, close fitting design, the added space came much appreciated, without it feeling baggy or excessive.

Made from polyester, the jacket is not marketed as water resistant, but after spending some time in the rain, it does keep the water away. The body of the jacket is made from a ripstop woven fabric, slightly shiny in appearance, while the sleeves are stretch-woven, allowing a bit of pull when you’re stretching. These are also lined on the ends, and I thought they would pick up dirt quickly but this was not the case. I appreciated the extra mesh lining throughout the inside of the jacket, which contributed to an overall dry experience. The jacket also dries out quickly.

Zipped and with the hoodie up, there’s no zipper that irritates the neck, with the jacket closing by protruding from the neck. The hoody can be tightened with a draw card, while I really enjoyed the large lined pockets on the side which can be zipped closed.

This proved especially helpful when I was caught in the middle of an unexpected shower – keeping my smartphone and even a small mirrorless camera dry. There’s no drawstring around the waist, however I never felt the need for one since Under Armour extended the jacket at the back for a slight overhang on your derrière.

Due to the looseness of the fit, this is not necessarily a jacket to go running with. I’m quite sure it’s possible, but there are better tops to do this with. Gym – yes. Running – maybe not.

While the overall design and construction of the jacket was top class, the hemline on one of the elasticated cuffs has frayed – not expected on a R1 700 jacket. The zip slider was also present on the right-hand side on the jacket, a quirk of the Americans apparently.

Overall, the UA Stretch Woven Full Zip Jacket provided a comfortable way to take the edge of the cold before or after exercise. It’s not a jacket that will manage the frontal assault of winter, but a lightweight one that is well designed, fits well, is easy to travel with and can even take a bit of a Gauteng shower. At R1 700, the UA Stretch Woven Full Zip Jacket is also one of the more expensive options available.  

Nice stretch on the sleeves, great zipped pockets, lightweight and easy to travel with
Hemline on one of the elasticated cuffs frayed, on the expensive side

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