By Thomas McKinnon 26 November 2008


Daniel Craig, having taken some serious flak in the run up to Casino Royale, has since been applauded by many for bringing back the edge to Bond; figuratively shaking things up rather than just stirring them about. 

This ultra-suave, charming but lethal Bond obviously ­requires the hardware to ­support his clandestine lifestyle. He is naturally going to need at least a 5 megapixel camera with geo-tagging ­capability, fast web browsing to send his top secret intel back to MI-6, a decent media centre to set the mood for the ladies, and of course a ­sufficient amount of memory to do all this.

[Queue the opening ­percussion from “Another Way to Die”]. Bond’s Choice, the C902 from Sony ­Ericsson. This slick little contender has all the bits and bobs Q, ­even though he doesn’t appear in either Casino Royale or ­Quantum of Solace, would have loved to come up with for 007. Its ‘spy-cam’ is a work of genius, ­concealed within a sliding mechanism, only to emerge with a slight tug to ­reveal a lens and LED flash. Concealing the camera adds a bit of flare to the ­device and is inline with its slim and sleek form. The phone looks ­sophisticated with a two-tone titanium looking trim and a 2-inch scratch resistant TFT colour ­display.

The C902 is no slouch when it comes to transferring data with HSDPA data speeds and supports SE’s own M2 memory stick expansion. This memory expansion is great, but ­universal ­compatibility or lack there of, is a concern. ­Although many a reviewer may point to the same ­compatibility issues ­concerning the C902’s ­headset, it is worth pointing out that while the ­device can only accommodate SE’s ­second generation adapter the ­headset itself can ­accommodate a standard 3.5mm jack. The only other complaint we have is the fact that the phone doesn’t come with a ­document viewer, which is bit of a let down.

Otherwise this handset is a serious bit of kit, living up to its Cybershot heritage. Let’s get real, if it’s good enough for Bond, its good enough.

This phone offers HSDPA data speeds, an amazing camera and Geo-tagging.
It unfortunately doesn't come with a document viewer, GPS or Wi-Fi support.

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