By Andrew Gould 26 November 2008


Right, so if you’re the type of person who’s really up to date with happenings in the mobile world, and these days staying on top of that game is like watching a David Lynch movie – it’s impossible, then you will probably have heard that the Nokia N85 is supposed to be better than the Nokia N96.

Let’s just set the record straight, the N96 was ­supposed to ­improve on the N95, and it does. But now Nokia comes out with a cheaper phone that’s getting better reviews than the N96. It’s like the Nokia executives said: “Hey, let’s do something fun with this one, we’ll shoot ­ourselves in the foot by ­making a phone that ­competes with one of our ­current phones and then let’s sell it cheaper.”

The N85 comes out with a host of multi-media features that weigh up very well, when compared to its ­rivals in the class. The N85 has a ­brilliant 2.6\" OLED screen that is great for both games and video. The 5 megapixel ­camera is quite good, not ­incredible, despite having a “Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar lens”. This 5 megapixel ­camera is great to have, but you’re ­really not going to be able to take world class ­photos with it.

The N85, like some ­others out there, has a built-in ­accelerometer that can sense which ­orientation the screen is in, but this is ­really not a good ­example of the ­technology. It works, some of the time, and then when you want it to go back the right way up, it doesn’t ­always want to. You’ll just end up ­shaking the thing wildly in ­frustration with this ­feature turned on.

Nokia have always shone with their ­connectivity options and the N85 is no different. Browsing the web is made very easy as the N85’s ­operating system supports all the major mark-up ­languages.

Overall the N85 is a very good phone, armed to the teeth with ­features; we’re just not sure if it’s going to stand out as a world beater in the ­current market.

Browser supports all the major mark-up languages and it has the biggest OLED display to be integrated in a mobile phone yet.
The accelerometer works in fits and starts and you can only view documents.

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