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In the era of nostalgia and millennials, adult colouring books is actually a thing. While we've chosen to shy away from them in the past, a forthcoming one for The Witcher has certainly piqued our interest. Being created in collaboration with the gaming franchise's developer, CD Projekt Red, and publisher Dark House, it is currently slated for release on 1 November this year. 

As such, for diehard Witcher and Geralt fans, it may be a great stocking stuffer come the end of the year. For now, it's unclear if local retailers will be selling the colouring book, but one should be able to purchase it off Dark Horse's website, with it currently listed for pre-order at $15 (R236).

While we're yet to see all the imagery planned for the colouring book, it appears to be keeping faithful to the gaming franchise. To that end, bloody scenes where Geralt is felling enemies are certainly a fixture. As are a few NSFW pics, with one person on Twitter already enquiring about Geralt in a bathtub, and CD Projekt Red duly replying with an image.    

Can we perhaps recommend a colouring book for Dark Souls next, to help soothe all tortured players?


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