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If you've been hankering for a reason to head back into the Wasteland, Bethesda just went live with its Creation Club for Fallout 4. The online community, which enlists the help of "development" partners to create official in-game content, was first announced at E3 earlier this year. Now the offering has come full circle, and serves up unique weapons, armour, gear and tools that tap into the Fallout mythos, as well as other popular Bethesda games. 

As we checked out the new content, some of the most interesting appear to be the armour sets. To that end, gamers can purchase things like Chinese Stealth Armour, or even Morgan Yu's space suit from Bethesda's recent game Prey. Another curious armour set is the Power Horse Armour, because why not? 

As with the original Fallout 4, the new Creation Club content can be accessed a number of ways. There'll be the good old fashioned spending of credits, at a high price, as well as earning upgrades by completing specific tasks, along with crafting items at one's workbench from different parts. 

The live beta for the Fallout 4 Creation Club goes up today, with the Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim version set to arrive next month. Hit play on the trailer below to see what's on offer. 


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