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For most people, June simply marks the midpoint of the year, and serves as a reminder of just how quickly it’s passing by. For gamers however it marks the event on the gaming calendar - E3. As such, game developers will be showcasing their latest efforts from 16 to 18 June, in a bid to build up as much hype as possible. Getting a jump on the competition is Bethesda Softworks, who have been furiously at work on the new Doom first-person, demon-shooting, fast-paced smorgasbord.

The game developers showcased some of the gameplay elements for the latest iteration in this iconic franchise at QuakeCon last year. Sadly, only those in attendance were able to enjoy the footage, but Bethesda released an ominously awesome teaser trailer for the rest of the gaming world. Now Bethesda has served up (only) four seconds of in-game action, with a longer gameplay reveal dated for 14th June at E3.

The teaser does not offer too much in terms of detail, but certainly gives gamers something to be excited about. It starts off with a sawn-off shotgun ejecting its shells, which was the weapon of choice for the original 1993 game. It then quickly shows a Revenant, a twin shoulder-mounted gun-touting demon which gamers encountered in the second and third iterations of the game. And that's where the FPS action ends, with gamers (including ourselves) having to patiently wait until 14 June. Get your stopwatches out and check out the teaser below.



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