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Bose looks set to release what they call “noise-masking sleepbuds” aimed at those for whom sleep is all too easily interrupted by external noises. Interestingly, it’s not done through the regular internal channels, but rather as a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo.

The project has managed to gain a lot of traction with 888% of its initial goal of $50 000 already reached, clocking up $443 784 in the process. With 23 days still left, all four of the packaged deals available have already been snapped up, so it would be wise for Bose to perhaps make more options available.

Bose’s buds come with preloaded sounds, some to keep external sounds out, we presume brown-noise, while others are more soothing, containing nature-based sounds. They also contain StayGear+ noise-isolating eartips to further help with masking outside sounds.

If you’ve ever slept with earplugs, you’ll know what a pain this can be, with Bose noting that the sleepbuds are small and pliable enough to not be bothersome. The earbuds offer two nights of sleep per charge, with an extra night’s worth of recharge provided through the included travel case.

For now the product will only be shipping Stateside, so don’t bother investing if you don’t have a contact to send them here. Super early bird packages were priced for $150, going up all the way to $185, which we believe will be the eventual selling price. Bose will ship these in February 2018, so it can be expected to hit the market in the first half of next year.

Have a look at the Bose noise-masking sleepbuds in action in the video below.


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