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Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studios has come up with some great short movies so far for the experimental Oats Vol. 1 project. One of the latest is called God: Serengeti and is sure to get a few people hot under the collar. The Almighty is indulging in a good book, served by his butler Jeffrey and paying very little heed to what’s going on with his creation. That is until an uppity hominid manages to create fire. From there it’s pretty much downhill for mankind, with God quickly losing interest in what the cave dwellers of the Serengeti get up to.

The short reunites Blomkamp with Sharlto Copley, who has also worked with the director on District 9, Chappie and Elysium. God: Serengeti is under four minutes, so should fit in perfectly with a coffee break.   

Those who have kept a close watch on the Oats Project, will remember the bumbling TV cook Bill with his horrid infomercial. Bill is back (and his hand has magically reappeared), this time round he is introducing two new kitchen gizmos in three short episodes. As can be expected, the Magiblend 200 and the PrestoVeg do not play along with the script, channelling some interdimensional weirdness that turns Bill’s life into an episode of Fear Factor.

There’s another short, Zygote, set to be revealed on Wednesday, and by the looks of the teaser, those with an affinity for David Cronenberg and body horror will be more than pleased. If you want to contribute to Oats Studio and the magical work they’re producing, do so here.


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