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If you’ve ever tried to prep a costume for a cosplay event, you’ll know that it’s far more difficult than what you might have thought. As with most things, the more effort you put in, the better your results, and when it comes to cosplay, there will be a day where you want to up your skills. Good then that the folks over at Humble Bundle put together the massive Cosplay Like a Pro book bundle.

There’s a whole heap of ebooks here, covering almost everything you want to know, including sewing, makeup and prop and armour construction. If you’ve ever purchased a Humble Bundle you know the score – you pay what you want, with more books available the more you cough up. And, of course, you are receiving DRM-free electronic versions of the books you purchase.

If you have $1 dollar in your piggy bank, you can buy the first tier, which gives you seven titles, including Getting started with Cosplay - A Beginner's Guide, Sewing 101 Revised and Updated and The Mood Guide to Fabric and Fashion.

The mid-tiers are usually the sweet spot when it comes to the book bundles, with $8 scoring you eight more titles, including Cosplay Makeup Tips and Tricks, The Complete Photo Guide to Clothing Construction and The Book of Foam Armor.

$15 will provide eight more, such as The Cosplay Handbook: A Book of Cosplay and Prop Making Techniques and Singer’s the Complete Photo Guide to Sewing. Drop $18 and you get eight more, including 1,000 Incredible Cosplay and Costuming Ideas and The Book of Cosplay Photography.

Finally, for a measly $20 you score the final nine ebooks in this bundle, which is actually worth $605 in total. As is the case with all the Humble Bundles, the buyer can split the money between the publisher and charities, which here include The Hero Initiative and Book Industry Charitable Foundation.

If Cosplay is not your thing, there are two more book bundles currently available. These are IDW comics by Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son), including  his Locke & Key titles which was recently made into a Netflix series, as well as Learn You Some Python by No Starch Press, which is your crash course on Python.


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