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If you're a graphic novel fan, or perhaps enjoy the films of Michael Cera (Superbad, Juno), chances are Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has crossed your path. Now its creator, Bryan Lee O'Malley has detailed his newest project, titled Snotgirl. O'Malley held a press conference at Image Expo, in San Francisco, California to break the news, along with co-creator and artist Leslie Hung. 

Snotgirl will focus on Lottie, who, as the name would indicate, suffers from quite a severe allergy problem, all while being a fashion blogger as her nine to five. According to Polygon, the inspiration behind Snotgirl came as a result of conversations that O'Malley and Hung would have with regularity. "We're always talking about our allergies," said O'Malley. Adding "We thought what if there's this girl who has allergies and maybe she can take a pill and be beautiful for a little while." 

Along with dealing with some major immune issues, Snotgirl will also have to contend with murder and some intrigue. As O'Malley describes it as "funny and f**ked up." For now though, there is no official word on when Snotgirl will make its debut.


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