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If you've been reading Marvel comics through their app you might have wondered where is DC's equivalent. When rumours first started regarding an online portal for DC content, many hoped that this would also include their archive of comics. This has indeed proven the case, with a trailer for the new DC Universe coming to light.

The DC Universe will be a paid-for subscription service that includes not only old movies (the 80s' Superman and Supergirl titles) but also a range of new programming. This includes the likes of Swamp Thing, Titans, Harley Quinn and the one we can’t wait to watch, Doom Patrol.

The past few years DC movies has been a bit under-boiled, but their animated movies were always something to look forward to (Batman Ninja is insane). Here we'll see the likes of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and The Dark Knight Returns making a landing on the service.

As far as we can tell the comic book service will include at least part of the DC archive, with a promise on the website of  Action Comics #1 to Rebirth. We can imagine that there will be a buy-now option for titles, as well as a free-to-read option, much like Comixology's Unlimited offering.

Bad news though - before you get too excited, the service will not be available in South Africa, so it means you would have to get a VPN fired up if you don't have one already. As to how much the DC Universe will cost – that's anyone's guess right now, but we would think $10 per month could be a decent going rate. “When?” is the final question, and at this stage there is talk of a Spring release date, with a beta running in August.

The DC Universe service is long overdue, and it's one of the more exciting happenings for DC fans, who've had it a bit rough over the past few years.


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