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Having unveiled its then-named Project Morpheus VR headset to a larger audience at last year's E3, PlayStation focused solely on its gaming titles this time round. As such, attendees of last night's PlayStation press conference were given deeper looks at a number of new games. 

God of War

One of those new games was God of War, which sees fan-favourite Kratos moving on from the heights of Olympus to a world of Norse mythology. Kratos also has a son in the game, although the child's exact patronage is not confirmed, with the pair negotiating the threats of a winter wilderness. In the eight-plus minutes of gameplay below, we see our protagonist sporting a rather majestic beard, as well as wielding an axe as opposed to his signature blades of chaos. No release date has been disclosed for God of War, but there is an impressive gameplay trailer to enjoy. 

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Another title that offered up some gameplay footage was Infinite Warfare, the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise. A launch trailer for the game released a few weeks ago, and the general reception was not good, as the game garnered more dislikes than likes on YouTube. The "Ship Assault" trailer after the break then, might be a move by Activision to tell gamers that they should still remain interested in their offering, despite a strong showing from EA's Battlefield 1. It appears as if the plan did not work, with the number of dislikes for Infinite Warfare's gameplay trailer sitting at 12k-plus. To that end, the game's November release should prove telling. 


Horizon Zero Dawn

A PS4 exclusive that hits consoles on 28 February 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn is one title from E3 2016 that we cannot wait to play. The game lays out a dystopian future, but unlike the one we're normally shown in video games. Instead, it's an Avatar-esque world, rich with vegetation. The only difference is that humans have fallen down the pecking order, to an almost Stone Age-like existence. Advanced technology does exist, however, and it's up to gamers playing as protagonist Aloy to make the most of it and save her people. Horizon Zero Dawn looks as good a game as we've seen for quite some time, and the newest gameplay trailer only reinforces that belief. 


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