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Last week when the Thieves Guild DLC was announced, details were scant. Now however, a new video from Bethesda provides a deeper explanation of what the DLC will bring to the fore.

Along with the story which we already knew about, revolving around a heist going horribly wrong and the Thieves Guild being targeted for revenge, the latest video shows more of the location in which you will find yourself following its story - Hew’s Bane. The environment actually looks quite appealing, with the small coastal city reminding perhaps of Italy or somewhere else on the Mediterranean.

Beyond that though, apparently Thieves Guild will enable one to take assignments across the whole of Tamriel, and participate in side quests and heists. Additionally, promised are some cool abilities in a new skill line such as the ability to disappear into a puff of smoke, as well as new items and armour to earn. Take a look at the trailer below to learn more.


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