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In a bid to tempt PlayStation players to pick up Destiny 2: Forsaken when it becomes available next week, Sony has revealed some exclusive content for those playing on the PS4.

As revealed on the PlayStation blog, leading the charge is an exclusive exotic weapon called the Wavesplitter, from the makers of Coldheart. This produces what looks like a devastating energy beam, that acts like a hot knife through butter, only in this case, your gun is the hot knife and your enemies are the unfortunate butter. With three power levels, its maximum level can only be attained for a short time though on collection of a power orb.

This is naturally accompanied by exclusive armour sets and an exclusive new ship called Great Beyond.  Furthermore, and perhaps the biggest appeal here, is that PS4 players of Forsaken will have access to an exclusive strike called Broodhold which will challenge them to delve into the depths of the Tangled Shore and hot-knife-meet-butter their way through a Hive infestation of Thralls, Acolytes and Knights, to finally come face to face (using that term generously) with the Hive Brood Queen.

Last but not least there is also a free theme available on the store as well. Does that do enough to prompt you to make a purchase come the 4th of September? Take a look at the video below, courtesy of Playstation Underground, to see if Destiny 2: Forsaken has you en-Thralled (pun and spelling fully and shamelessly intended).


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