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It appears as if Facebook is making a play for TV, or rather content in the same guise as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, according to a recent report from Business Insider. Facebook doesn't seem to be wasting anytime in bringing the content to the public either, with a reported 24 shows set to arrive in mid-June next month. 

All the shows will be shared via the company's mobile app, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioning Facebook's intention of creating content for the platform in February this year. The move is apparently brought about by Facebook looking for more avenues  by which it could serve adverts, with the News Feed on the platform reportedly reaching saturation point. 

As far as the type of content goes, The Verge says that two tiers will exist. The first will include longer format content, similar to shows like House of Cards. The second tier will compliment the higher production value shows, featuring shorter five to 10 minute offerings.  

Virtual reality could also play a part, with print publisher Condé Nast greenlighting a VR dating show, and other companies setting up to develop similar types of immersive content. 

Facebook has not given any sort of formal statement to Business Insider's report yet, with the company's plans to develop TV shows on their platform being pushed back a couple of times already. Hopefully though, this won't happen again and we'll soon see TV on the Facebook app come June. 


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