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Is this the start of a crackdown by Facebook? The social media platform has suffered severe backlash from users after it was embroiled in a data privacy scandal with Cambridge Analytica. Now the company has chosen to suspend another data firm in CubeYou, which after a report from CNBC, was cited for using the same methods that Cambridge Analytica did for gathering user information for marketing purposes.

According to CNBC's finding, CubeYou was using quizzes that the company termed as being for "non-profit academic research" and giving the information to advertisers. Along with the quizzes, CNBC also uncovered that CubeYou utilises a mix of social apps in order to gain user information, including their names, phone numbers, employment and relationship status. These profiles are then sent to marketers, who in turn directed advertising content to users based on the information and profile they've created.

It's unclear what the fate of CubeYou will be, as the company is set go undergo an audit which will determine whether they'll be able to fight the suspension. What is known though, is that in light of Facebook's recent data privacy scandal, the company looks to be taking steps to distance itself from firms that use its data for anything outside the social media platform's guidelines.


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