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With an estimated 1.5 billion users sprawled across the globe, Facebook needs to cater to a number of different mother tongue speakers. Apart from offering the website in different languages and providing a simple translation for posts, Facebook is now readying an enhanced instant translation tool, according to Wired

Instant translation has existed on the social media platform for awhile now, but has not proved as effective as some may have hoped. Recently, Facebook rolled out the feature that allowed millions of its users to instantly translate their posts into any one of 44 different languages. That is only one part of the puzzle, as the company is also testing out a multilingual composer to allow users from other areas of the world to instantly interact with one another. 

This feature has existed in a certain degree on Facebook's Pages service. Until now, it has only been used by businesses and celebrities to further the reach of their posts. A new set of algorithmic tools and machine learning will allow the social media platform to offer a better version of its Pages instant translation to all users in coming months, according to a spokesperson of Facebook. 

The company also notes that its instant translation tool is not perfect, and it's hoping that users will assist in improving the accuracy of translations via their feedback. As such, along with its own pool of data, Facebook aims for its users to provide the additional information to make instant translation work better, as well as expand the number of languages.


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