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Sony was one of the surprise packages at MWC last year. Not because a flagship phone wasn't expected from the Japanese company, but rather as their high-specced XZ Premium was awarded the best smartphone on show at the event. As such, expectations are high for the successor to up the ante for MWC 2018. 

While the official name of the device is unknown for now, with XZ2 Premium and XZ2 Pro being bandied about, what is a certainty, is that this phone needs to improve on its predecessor if Sony aims to keep pace with the likes of Samsung, LG and Huawei. 

With that in mind, here's five things we want to see from the Xperia XZ2 Pro.

1. A design change

Sony has teased a potential new design for its upcoming flagship, but little is known about the precise changes the company has in mind. With the Xperia aesthetic wavering little in the past few years, it's safe to say that a transformation from the usual Sony Mobile lines would be welcome.

Where other manufacturers have embraced different designs over the years, Sony has remained slightly stagnant. Debuting a flagship that looks unlike any other Xperia device before could do the XZ2 Pro a massive favour.   

2. Add more to the camera

When the XZ Premium was revealed last year, it did so with a 4K display and camera capable of 960 fps slow-mo video functionality. Focusing on the latter, Sony needs to imbue the XZ2 Pro with more features, as the slow-mo although fun at first, lost some lustre after a few tries.

Adding other recording modes or photo functions like Apple's Live Photo, or perhaps enhancing object detection would make the device more enticing. As far as the camera's specifications go, little more is needed in that regard with the 19 MP offering of the XZ Premium performing ably.

3. Go edge-to-edge

Sony has gone edge-to-edge before, doing so primarily for its Ultra branded Xperia devices. It's time though to add it to some of the flagships, and the XZ2 Pro is a prime candidate. Likely set to tout a 4K display, having an edge-to-edge display could certainly improve the viewing experience.

Add to that the fact that Samsung and LG have gone for longer, 'bezel-less' designs recently, Sony needs something to match. 

4. Refresh the UI

While Sony's devices usually get the lastest flavours on Android in a relatively timely manner, the UI still looks a bit dated and cluttered with bloatware. With the top smartphone makers constantly refining their user experience, Sony needs to do the same.

If the Japanese company really wants to shake things, they should hand the UI reigns over to Google and go pure Android for the XZ2 Pro. Having a clean version of that operating system is part of the reason why we enjoyed HMD Global's new Nokia phones last year. 

5. Get it here quickly

This aspect is perhaps out of Sony's hands, with local carriers and service providers quite strict and pedantic when it comes to getting devices to land in South Africa. As such, we're often receiving phones a couple of months later than other countries in the EMEA region.

The quicker that Sony can get the XZ2 Pro in the hands of consumers, the better. With Huawei and LG both foregoing MWC 2018 for their respective flagship phone launches, it creates a nice window for Sony to make an impact. 


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