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In the modern age of doing things, the entertainment provided by YouTube is just as important, if not more so, than traditional TV stations. The latter is the focus for Forbes' latest highest-paid list, as the publication ranks the online site's top earning stars.

Topping the list is no real surprise, with Let's Play star PewDiePie raking in a very neat $12 million. He's not the only gamer to feature on the list, with British YouTuber KSI collecting a respectable $4.5 million. Along with gamers, comedians also ranked highly on the list, with the Fine Brothers pulling down $8.5 million between them. One of surprising additions is Lindsey Stirling, whose unique talent dancing while playing the violin has netted a cool $6 million, plus a recording deal.

Where does all this cash from? Forbes has collected earnings from a variety of sources, depending on the YouTube Star. In the case of list topper PewDiePie, his profit portfolio includes everything from advertising, sponsorships, television appearances and a book deal.

Whether or not all of these stars will feature in Forbes' list next year remains to be seen, but it's clear to see that the nature of celebrity is changing. The full highest-paid feature can be found in the November issue of Forbes, which hits stores at the end of the month.    


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