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Samsung Mobile South Africa has released an update regarding the local launch of its Galaxy Note 7 phablet. The device was originally meant to go on pre-order earlier in the month, with a 23 September release date among South African retailers.

Those plans took a significant hit, however, when several dozen reports of 'exploding' Galaxy Note 7 batteries were made at the beginning of September. This resulted in a global recall of the phablet and the South Korean manufacturer has been scrambling for a solution ever since.

Now, the Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be released locally in November, although a more precise date has not been committed to at this stage. “As the Galaxy Note 7 had not been officially launched in the South African market at the time the battery cell challenges were identified, we took the decision not to release the handset into the South African market until these challenges are overcome. As such, the Galaxy Note 7 will be available in South Africa in November,” said Craige Fleischer, director of Integrated Mobility at Samsung Electronics South Africa in an official release.

Fleischer also quelled any concerns about the recent software update rolled out by Samsung, which is designed to cap the battery capacity of the Galaxy Note 7 to 60%. “As the Galaxy Note 7 has not yet officially been launched in South Africa, this will not be applicable to the South African market. South African customers will receive Galaxy Note 7’s that offers full battery usage,” he notes.

Although unconfirmed at this stage, the November-slated batch of phablets will likely be similar to the replacement units that will be available in the United States from tomorrow (21 September) onwards.

At this stage, there is no precise date that has been scheduled for the Note 7's release in November. Also unclear for now, is the device's pricing, hopefully more information will be coming soon.


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