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This is one for all the runner out there, more specifically, those using Garmin devices to track their runs. Garmin has announced a collaboration with the University of Nottingham in the UK on a global research project into the impact of COVID-19 on running, training and recovery. Open to runners and walkers around the world, the Running Through study will leverage wearable device data to investigate how a variety of pandemic-related factors such as illness, lockdown restrictions and vaccination programmes have affected runners and their running habits.

Garmin notes researchers will use the data, along with survey responses, to help produce data-based recommendations regarding training load, intensity and infection recovery. Open to all runners and walkers over the age of 18, the study will also explore:

  • The effects of Long COVID-19 symptoms on running performance
  • The potential impact of running on recovery times for COVID-19 and other viral infections
  • COVID-19’s potential effect on training regimens and injuries

“We wanted to work with Garmin because of the brand’s popularity and influence within the running community.” said Stefan Kluzek, clinical associate professor of Sports Medicine at the University of Nottingham. “Health and fitness data from Garmin wearables will help us understand the impact COVID-19 is having on runners, their training and their overall injuries. The more data we have, the more specific we can get with training and recovery recommendations - letting runners know how they can safely get back to training in the future.”

Garmin wearables customers from across the globe can visit to learn more about the study, sign up, and opt in to share their Garmin health and fitness data. Once the study is complete, the results will be publicly available, with the aim of giving runners worldwide a better understanding of the impact of the virus.


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