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Late last year, Japanese game studio Production IG detailed its latest virtual reality project, which would bring the cult anime, Ghost in the Shell to smartphones everywhere - Ghost in the Shell: The Movie - Virtual Reality Diver.

Understandably, the chance to interact with Masamune Shirow's cyberpunk world is highly appealing, and the project's scope grew considerably, according to the game studio. As a result, the plan to bring the VR experience to smartphones was scrapped, in favour of launching a VR theatre experience in 31 different internet cafes across Japan's Kanto region (Tokyo and Yokohama).

While this no doubt leaves many eager VR fans a little frustrated, Production IG has offered some respite. The 15 minute-long CG-rendered VR movie is reportedly coming to the PlayStation VR platform.

For now, Production IG has not detailed when this will happen precisely, but we're assuming the success of the internet cafe launch will play a significant part. The experience is slated to debut in early May, so if you find yourself in Japan at that time, it might be a good idea to check it out. Until more news comes in, click play on the video below to see what Production IG's vision of Ghost in the Shell looks like.    


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