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Google has made the latest stable version (30) of the world’s most used desktop web browser, as well as its mobile equivalent in Chrome for Android available for download.

Chrome 30 now boasts the ability to search by image with a simple right-click of the mouse. Now, if users see an image they like on a webpage within Chrome, they can just right click on said image and click on the ‘Search Google for this image’ option that appears in the pop-up menu.

Users who are new to Chrome can go to Google’s page to download version 30. Those who already have Chrome installed on their PC can simply click on the control and customisation icon (three vertically stacked dashes on the right) and select ‘About Google Chrome’ to kick off the automatic update process.

On the mobile front

More significant changes have been brought to the newest version of Chrome for Android, as Google added some new gestures for quicker navigation between open tabs amongst others.

Smartphone and tablet users are now able to swipe horizontally across the top toolbar to quickly switch tabs, and drag vertically down from the toolbar to gain access to the tab switcher view. Additionally, users can also drag down from the menu to open the menu, giving them easier access to options such as ‘New incognito’ tab or browsing history.

Android mobile device users can download the Chrome browser on Android from Google Play, and those with Jelly Bean-running devices can update their browsers to gain access to the new features.  

In other web browser related news, Mozilla recently released the latest version of its Firefox browser, with version 24 bringing a number of new features to the popular browser’s offerings.


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