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Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer 3
May 2015

Hotly anticipated is an understatement when it comes to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Luckily Marvel has released some of the built-up pressure by uploading the latest trailer, number 3 in the series. Although it doesn’t show off much of JHB city centre as the previous one, we do get to glimpse a bit of Vision, as well as a bit of will-they won’t-they sexual tension between Black Widow and Dr. Banner. Hopefully, just like the first Avengers movie, SA will be able to see Age of Ultron before it opens in the States on 1 May.

Best Bit: Any scene with Hulk in it.

Get Hard (Trailer NSFW)
March 2015

Get Hard will be hitting cinemas this month, so a new trailer has just surfaced. Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart star, as millionaire James King (Ferrell) tries to toughen up before being sent to prison. The film pokes fun at racial stereotypes all while Hart and Ferrell try to outdo one another in every scene. Be advised that this redband trailer contains "mature content" so it's definitely NSFW

Best Bit: 1:03 When Darnell's wife shows him who's in charge.  

July 2015

The concept behind sci-fi thriller Self/less is an old one, as a dying Ben Kingsley wants to keep his modern-day empire afloat by living longer. The answer to his problem is to place his mind inside a younger man's body (Ryan Reynold's in this case). Everything starts off fine, but slowly the memories and thoughts from Kingsley's new body begin to invade his own. As the movie states, "Immortality has its side effects", which is why Self/less could prove a refreshing take on the body swapping sci-fi theme.

Best Bit:  0:48 Ben Kingsley hearing that his heart is about to stop.

It Follows
March in the States

Sexually transmitted disease is nothing to be scoffed at, and sexually transmitted horror even more so. It Follows tracks Jay, who after an innocent sexual encounter gets informed that a strange horror will now be on her trail. What this thing is, is alluded too, but as a good horror trailer should do, is never fully revealed. It Follows certainly looks set to make you consider using a condom next time.

Best Bit: The blood in the blue at the end. 

Mr Holmes

As a classic character, Sherlock Holmes doesn’t strike one to ever get old. But time has caught up with the super sleuth in Mr. Sherlock, retiring to a quiet life of bee keeping. But there is one more case to solve, and it’s about a girl. Starring is the great Ian McKellen who can now notch up Sherlock next to Magneto and Gandalf, while the movie is directed by Bill Condon, who did Kinsey, and, uhm, Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2.

Best Bit: Well, it’s not exactly that type of trailer, but if we had to pick it would be the White Cliffs of Dover at 0:54.

March in the UK

aths and British movies, combine these two and you get X+Y. It’s a coming of age movie as a socially awkward boy has to decide between competing in the International Mathematics Olympiad or the English Premier League. That last bit is a fib actually, as you’ll see from the trailer he gets picked for the maths olympics. It stars Eddie Marsan, who you might remember as Inspector Lestrade from the Sherlock Holmes movies.

Best Bit: 1:15 Maths!

April 2015

Tenured looks like one of those films that sneaks up every so often and surprises viewers with its charm and heartfelt emotion. It revolves around a 30-something male kindergarten teacher whose life has lost some of its focus. If it weren't for his tenured status at work, he probably wouldn't have a job. Not quite a feel good film, Tenured deals with some rather deep emotional issues, all of which is interspliced by scenes of absurd schoolyard antics.

Best Bit: 1:19 when a bunch of pre-schoolers out act the grown-ups. 

Compiled by Mike Joubert and Robin-Leigh Chetty. 


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