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Last week saw Microsoft and Apple debut their latest offerings ahead of the holiday season, but they aren't the only ones with new devices left on the production line for 2016. Huawei too has an event scheduled for 3 November in Munich titled, A Step Ahead, where the Mate 9 (unofficial name at this stage) is expected to take a bow.

While the Mate 9 has not been confirmed by Huawei, it would make sense as its predecessor, the Mate 8, was unveiled around the same time last year. Added to this, are the numerous leaked images that have surfaced in the past few days, as well as the new Kirin 960 chipset being released a couple of weeks ago.  

Huawei may also have other devices in the works, especially as a Mate S successor, as well as wearable updates have been relatively amiss from the Chinese manufacturer during 2016. Recently, Huawei released a preview video for the A Step Ahead event, detailing 'moving forward' with imagery of people running. This could mean a new Huawei Watch or other fitness focused wearables are on the cards. There's also mention of collaboration with innovators, which likely eludes to Huawei's partnership with Leica.     

While much is conjecture at this stage, the Mate 9 is a sure pick for debut, and not a moment too soon looking at the massive void in the Android phablet market left by the Note 7. Whether or not Huawei will reveal other devices alongside the new phablet remains to be seen. 

The A Step Ahead event will be happening 15:00 (SAST) on 3 November, and we'll be there to cover all the announcements and get hands-on with the devices live from Munich. Be sure to follow us at @TechSmartMag to stay in the loop.


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