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Last week was frantic to say the least, with much of the focus directed at Apple's iPhone X. As such, some new trailers may have slipped pass, with a nice range of films being showcased. The smorgasbord on offer includes the mockumentary-esque Disaster Artist, Jennifer Lawrence becoming a seductive spy in Red Sparrow and Matt Damon going through a few changes for Downsizing. Scroll down to see those trailers and a few more. 


This film seems to be brimming with charm, as Matt Damon plays a married man at the end of his tether. Instead of doing the usual mid-life crisis cliché of buying a sports car, Damon and his wife (Kristen Wiig) opt to have themselves shrunk. 

Release date: December 2017
Best bit: Sales pitch by Dave Johnson at 0:40.  

All the Money in the World

Based on a true story and enlisting some heavy hitters with Michelle Williams (My Week with Marilyn), Kevin Spacey and Mark Wahlberg, All the Money in the World should be a gripping action thriller. It's also being helmed by Ridley Scott, which means the storytelling should be top notch. 

Release date: December 2017
Best bit: Seeing Spacey's transformation as oil tycoon J. Paul Getty at 1:55.

Blade Runner 2049 - 2048: Nowhere to Run

As we ramp up to Blade Runner 2049's early October release, director Denis Villeneuve has been detailing a set of short prequel films that up-and-coming filmmakers have been making for the highly anticipated sequel. The latest one is called Nowhere to Run and touches on the story of replicant, Sapper Morton (Dave Bautista, Guardians of the Galaxy). 

Release date: 4 October 2017 (Italy)
Best bit: Bautista playing the gentle giant throughout. 

The Disaster Artist

Could a movie based on a book about a film so bad it's considered good be worthwhile to watch? If the first trailer for the Disaster Artist is anything to go by, then James Franco's take on the incomparable Tommy Wiseau may be a stroke of genius. If you've ever watched the cult-classic The Room, then this film is perhaps the perfect companion to further appreciate it. 

Release date: 1 December 2017 (United States)
Best bit: Franco's spot-on Wiseau accent. 


Red Sparrow

Based on a novel by Jason Matthews, Red Sparrow stars Jennifer Lawrence (Mother!) as a Russian spy operating covertly within the States. Taught to use her body as a weapon, this Red Sparrow's (the name given to such spies) next target is a CIA agent in the form of Joel Edgerton (Warrior, The Great Gatsby). 

Release date: 2 March 2018 (United States)
Best bit: Things taking a turn at 0:36.


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