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Love video games? Love comics? Well, do we have news for you. The latest Humble Bundle for books is all about Gaming Comics. The titles are from Titan Comics, responsible for a number of movie/anime/series comic book tie-ins.

If you’re new to Humble Bundle’s concept, here’s how it works. For the cost of a slab of chocolate ($1), you get the first tier of comics, provided as DRM-free PDFs. This include a number of first volumes, including Assassin's Creed: Uprising Vol. 1, Warhammer: Blood Bowl Vol. 1, and Dark Souls Vol. 1: The Breath of Andolus.

For $8 you go up a notch, with a few volume twos of the above mentioned titles, and The Evil Within Vol. 1, Tekken Vol. 1 and Quake Champions Vol. 1.

If you have $15 at your disposal and a free weekend ahead, you get all the previous titles, plus 10 more volumes. These include Life is Strange #1, Wolfenstein Vol. 1 and Bloodborne Vol. 1: The Death of Sleep.

Do you prefer your literature to be wordier? The Horus Heresy 2019 bundle gives you tier-based accessed to these popular sci-fi/fantasy books by Black Library, and some audiobooks too. Finally, for those who would rather study than waste time om a relaxing read, try the Computer Science Bundle, presented by Mercury Learning. Here you get books to wrap your head around Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Python 3 and, uhm, Photoshop Elements. All these bundles have a time limit on them, so get them before they disappear for ever. 


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